hero image for YouTube Stream Url to Panasonic AG-CX10 camera

YouTube Stream Url to Panasonic AG-CX10 camera

YouTube Stream Url Format

There has been some question about how to convert the stream url format from YouTube to work with the Panasonic AG-CX10. We will step through the process to clear up any confusion.

TLDR; The format for the URL is:


So a complete sample might look like this:


Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, you can watch the video walkthrough:


  1. First navigate to the YouTube and login.

Image 1

  1. Launch YouTube Studio from the menu.

Image 2

  1. YouTube Studio Dashboard will load.

Image 3

  1. Click the GoLive Button to navigate to Streaming Panel. In the lower left corner, locate the Stream URL and the Stream Key.

Image 4

  1. Paste the Stream URL portion into notepad

Image 5

  1. add a / slash and then paste the stream key after

Image 6

  1. Copy combined url + key into P2NetGen software RTMP tab

Image 7

Then export to an SD Card and follow the steps to import from card to the camera.

And those are the steps and the format for the stream url + key.

Thanks for reading!